Hello Internet!

This is my first post whole Internet can see.

Hello Internet, this is Zoran writing, long time lurker and reader, first time poster.

I always wanted to say that... Ever since I was a kid listening to radio talk-shows, there were people calling and starting with "My name is Yellisaweta, long time listener, first time caller...". After 15 years, I got my wish. Such joy, much tears!

I haven't written something like this since highschool, so bear with me. I'll try to be as short and funny as I can be - so not much.

Refresh'd is a name I came up with in the middle of last dot com bubble. Yeah, I'm that old. I thought it was cool having one of those names without the last vowel. It wasn't, but it got stuck with me anyway. Since then, I've been trying to do something more than coming up with a semi-cool name, but other stuff got in a way wich I'll tell you some other time.

Now I'll use this site to share stuff I learn and help others not to make same mistakes I did. With more than 15 years of experience under the hood I've got some advice for you, so stay tuned.